Selected poems from the collection Visions Of The Drowning Man

Pavement Artist     Autumn In Florence     Ecstasies     Down To Earth   

 Atom Dead Latex     The Swimmer And She Who Knows     Holes     An Offering Of Flesh   

 In Thrall To Lilith     The Blood Of Christ     Root Flower Red     Days Gone By   

 Slugging For Sweet Jesus     Narcissus     disOrdered    

The Pathology Of Love      Heavy Weather


Selected poems from the collection Dropping Ecstasy With The Angels

Starbright       Frankfurt Airport       Discordia       Innanna Descending       Buddha Poem

An Affirmation      Intoxicated       La Que Sabe Singing      Awakening To The Light

Containment      Monday Morning Mantra     La Que Sabe's Bell       A Chemical Romance

A Beautiful Chemistry      Crow       First Cut       Sartre's Eyes       An Angel Of Obscurity

The Silent Bear No Witness       It's Friday And They Don't Send Flowers Anymore

Mother Of God       Seduction       A Confession Of Love       Spirit Of Iona       Waves

Stealing Heaven From The Lips Of God        Apple Of My Eye       Silver Light

A Neo-Post-Modern Love Poem       Women Singing


Selected poems from the collection The Bad Seed

Dream Eclipses Reality       Harbour Of Still Waters       In A House Of Fire

Not Stillbirth Not Rebirth       Songs Are Like Tattoos       The Sylkie Boy