'Stealing Heaven From The Lips Of God' by Dee Rimbaud

Stealing Heaven From The Lips Of God is a love story for the 21st Century, told through the medium of an Internet journal or 'blog', as cyber-space junkies call it. Afforded anonymity by the World Wide Web, Robbie uses his journal to explore his newfound love with Catherine, to confess his past and attempt to atone for his sins. In so doing he manages to pull himself out of the rut he's been in for the past five years, allowing his relationship with Catherine to develop. But the course of love is never smooth; and in Robbie's case, it proves to be something of a white-knuckle ride. His attempts to numb the pain and ease the anxiety by using concoctions of illicit drugs backfire on him disastrously.

This novel has been compared with 'Trainspotting' by Irvine Welsh and 'Morvern Callar' by Alan Warner, but it is more than just another 'drug-novel'. Whilst it explores the dark underbelly of 21st Century society and roots around the filthy corners of the male psyche, it is ultimately a story of redemption and offers up a message of hope.

Stealing Heaven From the Lips Of God was originally published as a perfect bound paperback in 2004, but after a dispute with the publisher about lack of distribution and publicity, I withdrew it from their catalogue.  I haven't yet been able to find the heart to search for another publisher, so have launched it as a free e-book, which you can download from Obooko.

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