The Swimmer… And She Who Knows



Furlong deep in dog mercury cuckoo florid earth,

orange tipped, the swimmer, smeared in dolphin grease,

burrows, scrabbled & scratch-scraped, down

down down

gulps fairway breaths, rutted,

the imperious, impervious sopping air/ downwards,

aching against, seminal gravity of light, dense photons

of ultraviolet infrared x-ray gamma-ed (the stigma skin,

less interesting visually than, say, a Grunewald)/ down

against the cuckolded calling of primary, secondary,

tertiary urgency


this not cut, cut up, uppercut,

a stranded dream


breeding false springs, limbs frost riveted to frozen mass/

the swimmer sinking down into darkness/

the man on the radio watching out for swallows,

tit willow, tit willow, the weather diabolical/

thunder, lightning, hail/ down into the darkness of dank roots

and wild rubbish/ raking among the detritus of forgotten dreams…


and there, he goes relentlessly following her, everywhere she goes;

and I thought we were going to see them mating. 


“Oh, I remember fucking

in the mad midnight winter wheat fields

when I was animal soul, type-writer body,

she was water wheels to my stormy petrol,

and in coitus,

we procreated electric rainbow voodoo children,

cast stratocaster shadows

in the frost of migrant bird workers”.


Down into the stinking earth

where delirious demons mardi-gras parade, fat Tuesday caskets

of pandora miseries/ these soul eggs, cracked

in beelzebub’s fistular claws/

Eostra promising awakenings

with Christ fasted scientific destructions/

and God is lurking round your bed, like a shadow,

like a thief in the night.


Thrusting through grasping theistic fingers/

sympathy laughing mythological, alcoholic

through mouth-hands, electro-microscopic tentacles

of uncomfortable tradition. 


“Is the world a totality of facts?” 

Tautologists stare wide through lightless void…

and if God is dead, all sorts of things could be going on.


            Hey, hey, hey, let us look for signs and wonders

in the thunder, miracles in the cracks between the worlds. 

Cut up this course now


miracles are science naturally forgiving,

Will Burroughs and Aldous Huxley in narcotic conflict,

they enable you to heal the nightmare of atonement,

imposing a framework of intelligibility,

a religious impulse in the brain that intrigues

& creation of light is real, unreal, real this world

of information, of growth… and putting our brains

out on the table, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference/

let us blunder through our lives then with a virtual expression

of love/ find ourselves sympathetic to an acceleration

of divine impossibility/ the awesome advances

of new technologies/ the arch-angel

of silicon based intelligence/ unashamedly millenarian-Aryan/

the drug-taking human mind…

and the unresolved question

of whether everything will shut down

come the tic toc flop into the year two thousand.


I may consider selling my brain/

now that I have been superseded by my computer


And in this crack between the worlds

there are no seamless existentialists/

La Que Sabe leaves a trail of bones/

running with the wolves now/ she whispers stories…

and you should listen well, for this crone shadow

is she who knows.


Expressing uncertainty, creeping through the valley,

a possible victim, the wolf - a common or garden intellectual -

fixes an unreal world in the appropriated arts. 

Shamanic & chilled, the quantum multiple-world

anally monopolises imagination. 

In and out of belief, the woman constructs

the shiny and bleak details of his world…

black menses of earth/ he suffocates/

not waving, the swimmer/ computing

the madness of drowning/ a fragile thread of hieroglyphs/

perishing in the thin floodlight of moonlight/

he bides down in striations of saturated soil/

La Que Sabe laughing a trail of bones through bloodless ears. 

He corpses on stage/ sinks down into ambiguous nothingness/

a fine spiral of voice, heard only in the hollows of sleeping hours.


I remember fucking her in the mad midnight winter of diplomacy:

her foreign office ransacked by floodwaters of union.


He dreams of referenda, drowning in the totalitarian soil

of her wisdom.  Her electrical discharges, enlightening

the shadowed cracks between the worlds. 

He urges his smallfart plebs onto the streets to raise revolution

and plead for the continuance of darkness,

rallies them with sectarian sentiment. 

La Que Sabe laughs a trail of bones

through the idiocy of their leeched blood/ rapes his bunged ears

with the vaginissimus of her inevitability.  Scalding all tongues

on stolen waters.  There can be no sweetness

in the swimming drowning not waving

of initiating patriarch penis wielding God. 

Oh jealous, jealous, jealous, the infant shielding his scrotum/

brass welded to the cold nothing of control. 

The swimmer breathing filaments of earth into starving lungs. 

La Que Sabe waves her breasts in apocalyptic zeal/

the swimmer squeals, clutches the oakwood-iron cross

to his lacerated, sobbing chest.














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