Stealing Heaven From The Lips Of God




Strip the lids from sleeping eyes

And live in sunlight forever more.


Peel the skin from your bones

And let the acid rain dissolve you

Into nothingness.


Become shaman and seer,

Visionary & voyant:

Risk lunacy.


Descend from heaven

And be born again

From the scalding vulva

Of Sheila-na-Gig.


Burst rainbow placentas

And dance on the operating table:

Shake the scalpel

From the surgeonís fist.


Steal fire from Prometheus

And spit in the eyes

Of scavenging birds.


Be carrion for Pan.


Fuck till you are beyond fucking.


Drown in your own juice.


Die and die and die again:

Die little deaths,

Die big deaths,

Die cinematic extraordinary deaths.


Deify yourself:

Cut fresh stigmata

In random flesh,

Rub sulphur in the wounds.


Be a tiny thing

In an open space.




Become Christ:

Allow yourself

To delight in pain.


Enter loveís threshing floor

And ask for more.


Sing with the sirens:

Rescue sailors

From brutal rocks;

Be a lighthouse.


Turn yourself inside out:

Scream till your lips bleed

And your ears echo

With eternal tinnitus.


Ride freight trains

Till your bones play the blues.


Phone the time

And hang on

Forever and ever.


Leave flowers

On the graves of strangers.


Shoot your television.


Grow old



Be impudent.


Embroider your tent

With the names

Of everyone

You wish youíd slept with.


Burn all your money

On a beach

At sunset.


Break wind

In polite company.


Rave on!

Dance to the rhythm

Of your heart.


Allow the snake

That swallowed your elephant

To masquerade as a hat.


Borrow some colour

From your children.


Become employed

In a strange occupation.


Find a road

Thatís never been travelled.


And always quit

While youíre still ahead.








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