Tense as fisherman’s reel, irrigating dry furrows deep

into gnarled roots, scratched and acid etched/

anxieties and misconceptions disconnecting spirit

in tarnished dull silver spirals, silted canals, cracked

craniums, depleted uranium, a half-life half lived/

rigoured bodies ossifying in isolated vile madness/

pulping your liver in masticating teeth/ emasculating

yourself without the usual misogynistic assistance/

you crawl through an oedipal underworld, an Orpheus

spell bound by flickering television light/ a web of

black Lilith’s spells woven round your panicked head,






You are a dichotomy, an anomaly: an idiot

on a ship of fools; you levitate and fall; crashing

through the cotton candy fog of mindless mind. 

            Soft as pus, you sag, ragged and sunken:

a doll-form with big doll eyes.

            Love me, love me, love me, you cry, semen

arcing in parabolic, diabolic flight; and you implode

in the ashes of night - a quantum step away

from the epicentre of your being.


Dissolving in the boiling cauldron of the crone moon,

all sense of self: you erase all memories,

like so many bar room brawls and midnight fucks;

slamming tequila in the lowest circle of hell, with

Dante by your elbow whispering red flashbulb light

into your retina... 


A soft vulva hotly enfolds you.









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