Innanna Descending



This pencil lead

Has turned to diamond dust,

My mouth metamorphosed

Into stony silence.


Cullinan, your poetry,

Your poetry bleeds thin

Over the airwaves,

Whispers sibilant

Into psychic space.


Diamonds, Innanna!

I am speechless,

Watching you sink

Through sods of soil

Into the dark grave.


For the love of love,

For the love of suffering:

Your eyes are diamonds

Smothered in dust.


Cullinan, you shine

In the Sybilís black fire,

Your graphite heart

As bright as the sky.


For the love of love,

A murder of crows

On Lilithís wind:

Innanna, you will never see

Your lover again.


The suffering of love

Is a mouth full

Of diamonds and dust:

Sweet Innanna,

I will never taste

Your kisses again.






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