A Confession Of Love



When you opened me it was redness you found:

A redness so sweet and annihilating

You’d have thought yourself to be lost

On the dark strand of a foreign shore,

Far from the singular land of your home.


There can be no safe haven now,

No sweet meats falling like flowers from heaven:

The kiss that made us one again

Wished up a symphony of iron and fire,

A love-lust forged of loneliness and desire.


When I laid myself down like the sacrificial lamb,

You did not see these leonine claws,

Nor did you sense that saviour God

Who could lead you out of my den,

Back to the comfort of your homeland again.


So will you go then, when you hear this song?

Will you leave me spent and tossed to the wind,

Restless, rootless and footloose again?






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