A Beautiful Chemistry



120 beats to the minute

And accelerating, until deceived

By the illusion of stillness:

The chemical simulation of nirvana,

A foretaste of paradise to come.


Ignoring the aftertaste

And the cramps in your guts

You dance entranced

To the strobed centre of the universe

Where you love everyone,

Cry out, inarticulate, in your ecstasy:

“This’s fucking awesome man, I love you”


First there is the anticipation

Then the rush:

It’s like being sucked into heaven

On the tail of a comet;

You’re hot, and when she touches you

Every pore of you orgasms;

And you’re lost in her eyes,

A galaxy in her eyes, spangles

And an infinity of empty, dark space;

And you know now,

The meaning of love,

The meaning of life;

Falling into her eyes,

A throbbing cascade,

Into the heart of never never,

Giving birth endlessly to each other,

Grinning till you feel

Like your head’s going to split open.


“This’s fucking awesome man, I love you”:

What I mean to say is

Poetry defeats me,

Love defeats me,

Life defeats me.

I submit;

And in submission, I am bliss.


And the beauty of this chemistry

Is the fragile empty hangover

Of a hundred morning afters:

The exquisite pain

Of having suffered too much love.









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