The Apple Of My Eye

(for Rebecca)



I am absent, as I have always been:

The reckless father

Who spiralled out of orbit

Before you were truly flesh.

I left you

A mess of genes,

A cross of dreams

And eyes

Lovers will die to see their soul in.


How could you know

I wished to gift you something more?


If I were clay

I would re-make the years:

Tear away the calendar nights

I wasn’t there,

Sing you lullabies,

Stroke your hair

Till you’re safe asleep

And the shadows have melted away.


If I were clay

I would re-make the sun

And make it shine every day

So the flowers smelled

Of blazing colour

And a sense of wonder

Replaced the pain.


If I could, I would make

A map of wonders

And walk with you

To a different, amazing place

Every day:

If I were made of clay.        









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