An Angel Of Obscurity



If you tried to lay an apple on my head

I might attempt to tempt you

To bite the bullet,

But these never were

The arrows of your desire.


Wherever the woman in you resided

I cannot untwist

From the fragmented weave of words

You cast, like a magus,

Stirring entrails In the ritual pyre.


Perhaps she died that night,

A sacrificial daughter

To the genius of your William Tell. 

Who knows?

But you will never tell.


How I long to untangle you:

To see into

The black holes of your eyes,

Read the secret messages,

Concealed behind your thin lips.


You are like a cantankerous grandfather:

Tall, erect,

Too disdainful to approach;

A ghost of my teenage anxieties,

Haunting me

With your otherworldly wisdom.


I was too young to follow you:

Could only dream

In road-movie monochrome,

In narcotic naiveté,

Imagining myself descending

Into the nirvana of pain,

Knowing nothing

Of how painful pain can be,


But now you are unreachable,

Beyond me:

An angel of obscurity.




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