'Dropping Ecstasy With The Angels' by Dee Sunshine

'Dropping Ecstasy With The Angels' is Dee Sunshine's second collection of poetry. It follows on from where 'The Bad Seed' left off: that is, moving (haltingly) towards the light. Of course, anyone familiar with Dee's earlier work will know fine that this light can burn as well as illuminate. There's no namby-pamby new age platitudes in here. Dee's poetry is as razor sharp and keen as it always was, but now it is tempered with a certain maturity, and he is even occasionally prone to the odd outburst of startling lyrical beauty. He confesses to being sometimes 'surprised by joy'. There is a spiritual alacrity to even the darker poems in this collection, informed by a damascus road experience he had at the age of 30 (which led him to discover his abilities as a spiritual healer) and compounded by the discovery of the empathogenic drug, Ecstasy, at the rather late age of 35. These influences have had a profound effect on Dee and on his writing, which has, over the years, become more accessible, even to the point that his work has started appearing in highly regarded literature magazines like Acumen, Orbis, Other Poetry, The North American Review, Black Mountain Review and others. Of course, Dee's poetry is still peopled by drifters, dreamers, losers, lunatics, the unemployed, the homeless, junkies, jakies and punks, but these days he casts a much more tender, loving eye on them.

'Dropping Ecstasy With The Angels' won The Poetry Kit Poetry Book Award, came 4th in The Poetry 2000 Award, and was nominated for a Saltire Award. A selection from this collection made the final six of The Robert Graves Award..

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